I'm one of those people who checks my Facebook account regularly, like four to five times a day (maybe more, if I'm being really honest; and when I am bored). There have been many articles on how social media has the effect of "oh there he/she goes again, boasting about his/her perfect life" and yes, I'm sure we all have friends that do that (present company excluded of course). But what if we could use our social media platforms as an accountability partner instead?

Many people will be relocating within the next two months as the school year for most of the international schools is coming to an end.  If you are one of them and dreading the whole process, here are my tips to help you make the move painless.

There is a range of interesting topics available during our school holiday programmes (in  March, June, September, and November-December). These programmes, which also use the Artistic Writing™ teaching approaches, are the perfect way to ensure that your child is productively occupied while enjoying their break from school.

I am based in my new studio in the green Surrey Hills just outside London. I am so happy in my new space as it’s by far the largest studio I have had the pleasure to work in solo, and it has three giant windows so even on the not so best English days I get all the light that is available.