Mette Johansson

For two decades, Mette held various leadership positions within the field of Corporate Communications in multinational companies. In 2013, she decided to make a pivotal change to her life, quit her safe job in the corporate world and founded two separate businesses – in the area of investment consultancy as well as in corporate training. The values that link the two businesses are supporting growth – growth in personal development and growth in wealth.

Mette has lived, studied and worked in 11 different countries and feels very much at home in Singapore’s multicultural society.

As a business coach, she is passionate about helping others succeed in their chosen careers. She believes that the key to success is focusing on small changes that lead to big results. She is a strong believer in and walks the talk about continuous learning and the self-improvement process.

As the author of the book “How to Make Yourself Promotable”, she talks about working on the basics to make that promotion you’re yearning for happen faster. It’s targeted especially for people who have already settled into their jobs and know they want more in corporate life.

In addition to training professionals, Mette dedicates part of her time and profits to charity. She is deeply involved in providing young generations in lesser-developed countries the soft skills needed to succeed in life as well as education.

Today, Mette Johansson invites corporations and individuals alike to proliferate Authentic Leadership with the 7-step process to “Unmask The Leader Within™”. This 7-step journey has the power to transform entire organisations, unleashing true leadership potential through value-based management, embracing visions, values and purposes, and promoting human leadership principles.