60-Second Leadership Tip #3: Whom Have You Thanked At The Office Lately?

60-Second Leadership Tip #3: Whom Have You Thanked At The Office Lately?

Depending on the study, it appears that 60-70% of employees are not as engaged as they could be at work1.

Is it a coincidence that other studies say that an equal number (70%) states that they would feel better about themselves if their boss were more grateful, and 81% say they would work harder?2

A “thank you” at work is a very effective way to build trusted relationships and create a culture of engagement. So why do only 10% express gratitude to their colleagues every day? And why does a whopping 60% either never express gratitude at work or perhaps does so once a year?

One quote by a manager on the Internet might give the answer: “I say thank you every month. On payday.” Employers and employees alike simply see work as a contractual obligation – as an exchange of time versus money – and believe that additional appreciation is not necessary.

Now that you’ve seen the numbers, why don’t you test out this 100% free tool to improve engagement at work: Appreciation.

Four Tips To Make Your Thank-Yous Truly Appreciated:

1. Be genuine, be authentic, and speak from your heart. Focus on achievements or behaviours that you truly appreciate.

2. Be specific. Mentioning “you did a great job” might sound good in the moment, but for lasting effect, describe what was great. “I appreciate how you’ve used your outstanding people skills to build trust with new clients and close three new deals in the past week” is memorable, and it helps the recipient increase self-awareness of his own skills.

3. It’s good if it is core to the person’s job, or purpose. If you thank your marketing director for the layout of his report, it will probably not be valued as much as when you thank her for the new strategic direction that has resulted in an additional 5% annual growth rate.

4. Leave out the negative. It takes 10 positives to make up for one negative remark. Just focus on showing gratitude this time.

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1 Gallup, Towers Watson and Dale Carnegie data
2 Berkeley study

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