60-Second Leadership Tip #2: Empower With Accountability

60-Second Leadership Tip #2: Empower With Accountability

Do you have a boss who micromanages?


I’ve had a few in my career. And nothing has been as demotivating as being asked about the presentation when you’re just about to get started on it. Or being told to ask Jack when you’ve just asked Jill. Or being requested a report about a report…. Well, you get the gist.

Are you perhaps guilty of micromanaging your team? 

It might come as a surprise, but just as you do not like to be controlled on each and every step along the way – neither does your team! I can see your thoughts right now: “But they don’t have the skills to be left at their own devices.” Well then, help them develop the skills.

The easiest way to get them there is by delegating accountability whilst offering your support along the way. For instance:

  1. Describe the task at hand and the objective, as well as the big picture.
  2. Ask him or her about their thoughts on how to get the optimal result.
  3. Ask whether he or she feels confident about achieving this with the given resources.
  4. Let them decide, with your consultation, on the detailed objectives, how to get there, and the timeline.
  5. Check regularly – simply by asking how the project is going, whether there are any unforeseen challenges, and whether they need any support. Do not manage every step of the way. A good tip for avoiding the perception of micromanagement is to have a fixed weekly meeting.

Today, we know that consultative leadership and requesting your team to accept accountability is what works. It is simply human nature. We are more motivated by destinations that we’ve taken part in detailing, and by setting goals that we’ve pronounced to someone we care about. We get to the destination faster when we travel along paths that we’re proud to have discovered ourselves whilst knowing we can always get support – just in case we get lost.

Powering success, happiness, and work-life balance.

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Mette has lived, studied and worked in 11 different countries and feels very much at home in Singapore’s multicultural society.

As a business coach, she is passionate about helping others succeed in their chosen careers. She believes that the key to success is focusing on small changes that lead to big results. She is a strong believer in and walks the talk about continuous learning and the self-improvement process.

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Today, Mette Johansson invites corporations and individuals alike to proliferate Authentic Leadership with the 7-step process to “Unmask The Leader Within™”. This 7-step journey has the power to transform entire organisations, unleashing true leadership potential through value-based management, embracing visions, values and purposes, and promoting human leadership principles.

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