Liza Rowan

She has educated, motivated, and inspired countless lives in taking their health seriously by appreciating their body and mind through her website, Health & Vitality. Liza Rowan focuses on nutrition and pulling truth from fiction so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the plethora of health information available. If you are confused about where to start with being healthier, and how to get motivated to do so, then Health & Vitality gives the support you need. Liza is not only a first-class nutritionist, she is also a powerful coach without judging or preaching. She works with expatriate women, working ladies, and those who want a solid foundation in the basics of nutrition. She is also the proud creator of the successful ‘Revitalise-in-5’ online course. To learn more about who she is, how Healthy & Vitality can benefit you, and to get a taste of her work through a free cheat-sheet.

Nothing is more important than our health. As busy moms, we put so much time and effort into ensuring that our kids are healthy – and part of that is in nurturing and educating them, ensuring they have a good balance of learning, socializing, stimulation, and downtime.

Having a ‘healthy appetite’ aka a healthy libido is an indication that you are unlikely to be over-stressed, over-tired, or over-worked. In addition, having a good libido (and using it) helps maintain that youthful glow as a result of all those good endorphins that flow. What...

My son has never had an allergy to anything in his 13+ years. However, recently over a six-month period he was experiencing ongoing hives and swelling, and it took some time before we could get to the bottom of it.

Although my work focuses primarily on what we put into our bodies by way of nutrition, I am very passionate about how we care for ourselves on the outside also. Considering the amount and variety of products we use over the years, have you ever wondered about the volume and diversity of chemicals you are exposed to - your body washes, deodorants, make-up, nail polish, hair dyes, just to name a few, are a manufactured combo of various ingredients, many of which are preservatives and artificial additives.