Many people will be relocating within the next two months as the school year for most of the international schools is coming to an end.  If you are one of them and dreading the whole process, here are my tips to help you make the move painless.

I am based in my new studio in the green Surrey Hills just outside London. I am so happy in my new space as it’s by far the largest studio I have had the pleasure to work in solo, and it has three giant windows so even on the not so best English days I get all the light that is available.

Nothing is more important than our health. As busy moms, we put so much time and effort into ensuring that our kids are healthy – and part of that is in nurturing and educating them, ensuring they have a good balance of learning, socializing, stimulation, and downtime.

As location-independent, gig economy workers, women are a growing economic force. Women are quickly catching on to opportunities created by digital mobility and connectivity.

Having a ‘healthy appetite’ aka a healthy libido is an indication that you are unlikely to be over-stressed, over-tired, or over-worked. In addition, having a good libido (and using it) helps maintain that youthful glow as a result of all those good endorphins that flow. What...