Top 3 Questions New Mums Ask About How To Eat Bird Nests

Expecting mothers, new mums, and loving family and friends are always on the lookout for the most nutritious foods for a pregnant woman and her little bundle. Chinese culinary expert Ying Yih Low has long boasted the amazing benefits of bird nests, especially the incredible nutrients it offers mum.

So we know it’s good for you, but now Ying Yih is sharing the most popular questions she gets from expectant and new mums alike! Plus, she’s got the yummiest and sweetest offer for mum and babe so you can taste the goodness of bird nests in real life!

1. What is the best time to consume bird nests? Is it at night or in the morning?

The best time to consume bird nests is at bedtime, around 10 to 11pm, just before you sleep. Because that is the time when your body rejuvenates and will absorb the nutrients readily and effectively.

2. How much bird nests should I eat each time?

Two to three large tablespoons of concentrated double boiled bird nests every night would be optimal. But that doesn’t mean you would have to cook it every day. A pot of bird nests can be doubled boiled and stored in the fridge to be consumed over 5 days. You could divide the pot into 5 portions and heat them up accordingly each night.

3. Can I eat bird nests during confinement period?

Absolutely! The amino acids in the bird nests aids in muscle and tissue repair, and would help in the post birth body recovery process. Scars will heel faster and better.

So there you have it!

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