In The Spotlight: Avalyn Lim, Founder of The Light Quotient

In The Spotlight: Avalyn Lim, Founder of The Light Quotient

With close to 20 years of corporate experience in strategy, sales, marketing and branding, and more than 15 years in personal development and alternative therapies, Avalyn works with individuals and businesses to achieve lasting, transformative change through her Integrated Coaching.  

She works with women executives and entrepreneurs to create and develop customised programs for them to gain greater clarity around their life and business goals, and how to achieve them, quickly and more effortlessly.

Avalyn has worked under many hats and continues to evolve and grow. Her Spotlight Interview will have you seeking more of your true self.

Tell us about you and your business/career, and what you were doing before.

I am the founder of The Light Quotient1 – an integrated coaching practice. Integrated coaching is a holistic approach to personal development, combining coaching and energy techniques, to support you as a whole person, so you can make shifts in your entire being (body, mind and energy), and not just solve a problem that you may be facing at any given point in time.

My coaching approach is designed from personal development and leadership technologies developed over the past 15 years through my work with Anthony Robbins and Frontier Trainings, amongst others. The energy work is used to deepen the self-discovery and “a-ha!” moments for clients. I am certified in Access Bars®, Reiki, Feng Shui Pranic Healing®, Pranic Crystal Healing, and Magnified Healing®. Energy work has been a large part of my life since 1999.

In addition to that, I am also a partner in a video production house with my husband. We have been running Intuitive Films for 10 years now.

My career started in a very different environment. I was a lawyer and so was my husband – we met in law school. After two years in legal practice, I knew it wasn’t for me and I stepped out of the legal world into public relations. I then moved into business development in a number of diverse industries: skincare, a branding and communications agency, financial services and timber genetics!

But even though I had a lot of variety and success in my professional life, I felt that there had to be something else; something more fulfilling that was my calling…

Turning The Lights On To Her True Self

The light bulb moment happened during my Executive MBA program, when I was first introduced to coaching, and was also going through one of the toughest times in my personal life. Although I had done tons of personal development work, energy work and professional training as part of my career, my life started to turn around when I experienced a serendipitous combination of coaching during and after the EMBA program and combined it with some energy work. Coaching showed me the impact a coach has in helping people see possibilities and transformation, and I truly enjoyed seeing people light up with new directions, ideas and options. Meanwhile the energy work helped me work through layers of emotional and energetic baggage that lay below the surface that I could not think my way out of.

Fast-forward to a few years later, I met my mentor and instinctively knew I would work with her somehow. A very nurturing and intuitive coach with 20 years of experience under her belt, and with a similar approach to coaching, she inspired me to take my step into formally becoming a coach instead of just thinking about it. Initially, it felt like a risk and I was afraid to run my own business, but my heart knew that this was the right thing for me

The things I have learnt from my experience thus far:

  • For changing careers and industries it’s ok to be industry-agnostic. Not many companies can recognize this, but the more enlightened ones see that transferable skills and a large appetite for learning and up-skilling are all one really needs to move between roles and businesses.
  • For starting your own business, if you set your mind on something you want to create, be mindful and aware of the signs and opportunities around you; don’t be discouraged if you don’t see them. Just stay the course!

A Toolbox Of Skills

What gets me up in the morning, sometimes way too early, are positive ideas, namely thinking about how to get even better at what I do and how to do my work. I’ve ensured that integrated coaching can be as flexible as I need it to be in order for me to do the best work with my “toolbox” of skills, so that feeds my need for variety and growth. I love that coaching and any personal development work, including my energy work, is a constant learning experience. Everyone I meet is an opportunity for me to use what I know and change lives, even in the smallest of ways. That is truly fulfilling and uplifting for me.

Life Lessons To Learn From

My biggest lesson is that hiding behind security, or distractions, or anything that stops you from facing the challenges in your life are all smokescreens that stop you from getting to the root of your issues, learning those hard lessons and achieving a “beautiful state” (more on that later).

At one stage in my life, I found myself struggling to find a piece of my true self, because my time and energy were being demanded and sapped by my work, children, husband, and long-term health issues faced by members of my family. I distracted myself with more work, social activities and my EMBA and I got to the point where walking out on my family (my husband who is my rock, my biggest supporter and teacher, and our three amazing, lovely kids) was a distinct possibility for me. Dark days…

Coming out of that, I had to face reality; that things were not going to go away by themselves. That was the journey that led to difficult conversations, looking at hard truths, coaching for myself, as well as doing lots of self-development work. This, ultimately, put me on the path to doing the type of coaching that I have created, that is incredibly, amazingly effective – integrated coaching.

The wisdom from this is that personal trials are a part of life’s journey, although we don’t necessarily see it while we’re in it. And that’s what the “beautiful state” is. Being centered enough to recognize that life happens “for you” and not “to you”, and trusting the process as you are going through the mire.

Everything In Its Time

If I could do it all again, I would have started coaching sooner, and by that I mean both getting coached, and being a coach. That said, it’s equally important to know when to “break the egg”. I can see that things do need time to settle into place and take on the meaning they need to in order to bring clarity, value and direction. So, although I wish I had done it sooner, my knowledge and experience now adds so much more value to clients than it would have even one year ago.

Everything happens at the right time, even though we might see our past mistakes or “failed attempts” as a waste of time when we realize that we “shoulda, woulda, coulda” done something differently. In all honesty, nothing is ever a waste of time. We just need to be open enough to find the lessons in our experience – the hidden gems.

Work With Avalyn

Integrated coaching2 will help you shift the way you see, hear, feel and know, and allow your inner-light to shine so you can be your best self in any situation!

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Edited by Nedda Chaplin

Image: Avalyn Lim
1. Light Quotient Website
2. Light Quotient Integrated Coaching

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Avalyn Lim

With 20 years of corporate experience in strategy, sales, marketing & branding; and 15 years in personal development and alternative therapies, I am the Founder of The Light Quotient, where I coach women executives and entrepreneurs to achieve lasting change through Integrated Coaching. I also co-own a video production house called Intuitive Films.
My focus is on working with individuals seeking balance between their multiple roles & responsibilities, striving to be their best, while seeking their true self. My customized coaching helps clients gain greater clarity around their life and business goals, and to achieve them quickly and more effortlessly.

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