Avalyn Lim

With 20 years of corporate experience in strategy, sales, marketing & branding; and 15 years in personal development and alternative therapies, I am the Founder of The Light Quotient, where I coach women executives and entrepreneurs to achieve lasting change through Integrated Coaching. I also co-own a video production house called Intuitive Films.
My focus is on working with individuals seeking balance between their multiple roles & responsibilities, striving to be their best, while seeking their true self. My customized coaching helps clients gain greater clarity around their life and business goals, and to achieve them quickly and more effortlessly.

I'm one of those people who checks my Facebook account regularly, like four to five times a day (maybe more, if I'm being really honest; and when I am bored). There have been many articles on how social media has the effect of "oh there he/she goes again, boasting about his/her perfect life" and yes, I'm sure we all have friends that do that (present company excluded of course). But what if we could use our social media platforms as an accountability partner instead?

It's been a while since my last blog post, and here's why: I've recently taken on a number of new projects - consulting with small businesses looking to ramp up to become ready for a period of expansion.  

I’ve talked about “beautiful states” a few times in my website and this blog. And here’s what it is, in a nutshell: the active choice not to suffer.