Food For Your Libido

Having a ‘healthy appetite’ aka a healthy libido is an indication that you are unlikely to be over-stressed, over-tired, or over-worked. In addition, having a good libido (and using it) helps maintain that youthful glow as a result of all those good endorphins that flow.


What if you are feeling stressed, tired, or that your libido is in need of a little boost?

With today’s busy lifestyle, many of us are under constant pressure, causing our cortisol levels (stress hormone) to increase. This in turn can impact the quality of our sleep, our health, our attitude, our energy, and therefore our libido. Practicing yoga, meditation, taking gentle exercise, and avoiding alcohol and coffee will of course help.

But are there ‘foods of love’ that will bring about a little more passion?

Luckily, yes! Here are a few you can start to get excited about right now! Some foods work better for males, and others for females, but there’s one that will benefit both sexes…


Obviously, there’s a reason we exchange this heavenly gift with our paramour, although we’ve taken a lot of liberties in changing it from its healthiest form to a sugary treat.

Chocolate originates from the cocao bean which was hailed a symbol of ‘life and fertility’ by the Mayans in Central America around 500 B.C.   The Aztecs of Central Mexcio believed cocao has fortifying and aphrodisiac properties, while later after Columbus brought it back to Europe, Spanish and French royalty would gift chocolate to win over passions – like we still do today!

Nutritionally, dark chocolate (70%+) and especially raw chocolate are the healthiest forms, containing flavonoids – an antioxidant which contributes to a healthy heart! Chocolate is high in magnesium, calcium, and some B vitamins, which are often depleted when under stress.

So when lust and desire are what you’re after, sharing some quality chocolate will certainly help get you in the mood!

Males – To Yank Up His Mojo:

Pumpkin Seeds

These are high in zinc, a key nutrient for the male reproductive system; and phytosterols, which are touted to encourage prostate enlargement. Perhaps not as well-received as a gift of chocolate, but they are great sprinkled on salads, stir-fries, and soups; roasted with spices; or used in energizing Bliss Balls.


Beef is high in zinc and protein, especially the amino acid arginine. Arginine improves blood flow and is often used to treat male fertility. When you ‘crave some meat’, choose from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals when possible, and enjoy without added fats, excessive sauces, or salt.


Walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man, known as ‘food for the brain’ with their high level of omegas 3s, which contribute to healthy male fertility. They are also rich in vitamin E, which is important for healthy reproduction.

Crack open these nuts to use as a healthy snack, or in salads, homemade granolas, and in baked goods.


Well, we had to slip these in!

Ladies, you can probably forget everything you read up to this point and just go straight for these little suckers. According to the ancient Greeks, oysters are the true food of love. They have the highest concentration of zinc (essential for testosterone and sperm production), surpassing any other food on the planet by a lover’s long embrace.

Females – For The Lady You Lust After:

Sunflower Seeds

Coming from the vibrant, energizing sunflower, these seeds are high in vitamin B6, which is important for hormonal balance; and  magnesium, which is calming but also helps with energy creation in our cells.


In Roman times, guests showered the bride and groom with almonds as a ‘fertility charm’, which possibly inspired sugared almonds being placed on guest tables in recent times. Almonds are high in magnesium and vitamin E (or tocopherol, which comes from Greek means ‘ to bear children’). Chocolate-covered almonds would be perfect to get her nuts for you.


Oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines) are very high in Omega 3, which are critical in building our sex hormones and for blood flow. Choose ‘wild’ over farmed, and enjoy ‘lightly dressed’ with a dash of lemon for extra zing!


These are very high in folic acid, which is key to healthy female reproduction. Choose lentils, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), or black-eyed peas; and use in soups, dips, and curry dishes to really ‘spice things up’.


A symbol of fertility and birth, abundant in folic acid and vitamin B12 (these nutrients works in conjunction with each other), and also providing the perfect ratio of essential amino acids. The ideal breakfast food – poached, scrambled, in an omelet. Serve alongside asparagus spears for an added dose of folic acid.

We all crave foods that stimulate out taste buds and get us excited about a meal, especially when shared with a loved one. George Bernard Shaw said, “There is no greater love than the love of food”.

We all desire to bring a little more romance into our lives also, so let’s flirt more with these foods that are not only healthy for us, but might bring about our ‘When Harry met Sally’ moment!

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Did you enjoy this post? Please share!
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