Common Questions Parents Ask About Chiropractic For Kids

Thinking about getting chiropractic care for your child, but unsure about what it all entails?
As parents, we are responsible for our kids. We want to look after them the best way we can, and that includes providing them with good medical care – including chiropractic.


Here are four common questions parents ask when wanting to bring their kids in to see a chiropractor:

Children And Chiropractic FAQs


Developing spines are susceptible to trauma from many childhood activities and games. These microtraumas can result in pressure on the spinal bones and nerves. What’s worse is it may not be detected as pain or malfunction for years.


  1. After Birth: The stressors and potential trauma of the birth process.
  2. Learning To Crawl And Walk: Knocks, bumps, and falls are aplenty.
  3. Schooling: School bags, stress, and sitting posture can quickly ruin backs.
  4. Using Tech: Smart phones, tablets, and laptops are the leading cause of bad posture and headaches, as well as neck, shoulder, and hand pain.
  5. Teenage Growth Spurts: Check on their posture and scoliosis.


We use safe and specific techniques for pregnant mothers, infants, and children. Chiropractors specializing in children use very specific, gentle techniques to care for children. On the very young, the adjustment is as light as a finger touch.


Bring this one for one offer to get your first check up with us for only $50 (save $210). Find out how chiropractic can benefit your family and discuss your individual needs. If you or your child has any pain r injuries, we can also help treat it.

Remember, chiropractic is for everyone. Give you and your family the gift of great health – for a lifetime!

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