Dr Gary Tho

Dr Gary Tho is the founder of ChiroWorks, a health care clinic, specialising in peak performance for anyone who can’t afford an ‘off’ day. His clients include executives, corporates, professional athletes and artists. He is also a speaker & writer. Dr Gary conducts a variety of engaging health workshops and his book The Pain Free Desk Warrior - Free yourself from aches and pains will be launched in Oct 2015. Dr Gary is changing the world one posture at a time.

Thinking about getting chiropractic care for your child, but unsure about what it all entails? As parents, we are responsible for our kids. We want to look after them the best way we can, and that includes providing them with good medical care – including chiropractic....

While backpacks are among the most convenient and frequently used ways to carry books and school supplies, there are numerous precautions for selection and use. Doctors of chiropractic have been offering constructive suggestions about this issue for many years.