Regina Soh

Having benefited greatly from pure essential oils, Regina wants to share how essential oils can potentially reduce reliance on man-made medicines, improve physical and emotional health, and reduce toxic load on your body. Man-made medicines are known to have dangerous side effects when used over a prolonged period of time. Don't believe essential oils can actually be that powerful? Join her intro to essential oils class to see and feel for yourself how powerful these oils can be!

It’s all excitement on a first day of work. And it probably is after a few months later. But as days go by, followed by weeks, months and years, going to work is purely just a routine. Sometimes, you even wonder why are you dragging your feet to the office. Work becomes mundane as you are already an expert in your dedicated domain. You start to wonder if it’s time for a change.

Knitting the team together can be an expensive affair (think team building events and summer trips). During those activities, as your people participate and achieve objectives together, colleagues within and across team may feel a sense of personal connection – that “we are all in this together.” Once the event has ended, that personal connection seems to fade off as well. Why is this so?

Talent retention has received a lot of attention in recent years. Companies are doing all they can to make their human assets stick with the company for as long as possible. Maybe you are already taking action to retain people, but yet your members are showing discontent, producing sub-quality work, leaving the company one after the other, and so on. 


The big companies out there are offering attractive benefits as part of their employee retention initiatives; they have great spending power. How can small businesses match up against them? The truth is, you don’t really have to. What matters is the quality and practicality of the benefits included in your package. Here are four ways to satisfy your employees without the need to spend big.

What makes a great leader? Is it the technical expertise? Is it the IQ? Does one become a great leader by nature or after receiving an MBA? We can probably agree that a great leader is: somebody who brings out the best of each person in a team; a person who engages team members; somebody who evokes positive emotions and inspires others; a person who resonates with us.