Anaita Thakkar

Born in India amidst a jingling sea of gold bangles, necklaces, earrings and more, stood Anaita Thakkar with a love for silver and natural gemstones. Even from youth she has stood apart, independent and determined. She married, moved to Singapore and became mum to two beautiful babes. It is here, in 2011, that Lustre Jewellery was born.

Despite her growing business, Thakkar is still very involved in every part of it. Each and every prototype is made to her specifications. Discover Lustre today.

It has been a busy few months with CC1 entering Middle School and CC2 trying to exert fledgling wings and get the same freedom his older brother does. And, of course, setting up our fabulous showroom!

These last 10 days have been harrowing. I was in Hong Kong for a show when my dad fell ill. Racing to Bombay to be with him whilst he was in hospital and trying to be as much of a backup for my mum, as was possible, has been hard. It’s Father’s Day this week, and in the helter-skelter run to India via Singapore from Hong Kong, I completely forgot about it. (Editor's note: This post was first published on June 19, 2016.)

I get asked many questions in relation to the care of jewellery and how to keep it looking good. Here are the top three questions that I get asked the most, and my answers, which will help you take optimum care of your jewellery:  

I recently overhead this comment from a business leader: “One great thing about staying in Asia is that there are so many occasions for the great RESET, there is New Year, Chinese New Year - then you can observe Thai New Year….". So this Chinese New Year, why not take the chance for the great reset (not that you need permission!).