5 Strategies to Stand Out And Get Noticed At Work

Do you sometimes feel you struggle with the ‘invisible’ phenomenon? Do you feel you work hard but aren’t really ‘noticed’? Or perhaps you don’t feel you get due credit? Or perhaps you feel taken for granted?

You may be asking yourself why you need to be noticed at all. You are doing your work, getting your pay, so what difference does it make if you get noticed or not? Well yes, it does matter. If you are not noticed, you are not in people’s minds. When you are not in people’s minds, you may be passed up when new projects come in, when promotions come up, when new opportunities arise, and when recognition is due.

Here are five great strategies you can use to get noticed for all the right reasons.

1. Be Sociable and Network

If you are always hiding behind your computer and keeping your head down, no-one will know you even exist. People may not even know who you are. Spend a few minutes at the start of the day or at lunch time to meet and greet your colleagues. Chat to people you don’t usually chat with when you see them in the lift or in the pantry. Smile at a stranger. You may make a new friend.

It’s so important to develop and nurture relationships at work. When you are visible, you will be noticed. When you are noticed, you will be top of mind for that new project, and you will get more help than someone who does not network. Keep building your network outside of working hours too; socialising with colleagues after work is a great way to get to know them better and be a real team player.

2. Help Your Colleagues Succeed

I believe a lot of my career success has been a direct result of helping others become successful. As I’ve helped to create opportunities for others, doors have opened for me too. When people see your genuine desire to help your colleagues, this will get you noticed as well as enhance your success.

Helping others is a great sign of collaborative leadership, great teamwork and self-confidence. You can help others as well as yourself by developing a close relationship with all your colleagues. Show that you are constantly working together, helping each other, guiding each other and providing each other with hands-on support.

And don’t forget it works both ways. While you are helping others, be just as enthusiastic about learning from your colleagues. In this way you’re building mutually productive and rewarding relationships where everyone wins.

3. Accept Responsibilities

If you say “It’s not my job”, that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons. Perhaps take on something that requires creative thinking, or event organising, or something else you’re interested in that isn’t particularly in your job scope. But just a word of warning here: be sure you still manage all of your current responsibilities well. The last thing you need is to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

4. Get Involved

Don’t be someone who just does their work and then goes home. Get involved in your company’s events. Join the lunch-time yoga class, get involved with charity events, join your colleagues for a karaoke evening, or something like that. If you’re not one for singing or sports, how about helping out with logistics? These are places to be seen and noticed, and to make new friends too.

5. Stay Away From Politics

It’s sad but true that there are normally some political weeds in most workplaces. Some people even think it will give them a leg up if they get involved in politics. My advice is don’t get caught up in any of this negativity. Instead, keep focused on being positive, effective and productive, and in creating an impact at work. It doesn’t hurt to know who the weeds are though, so you can give them a wide berth! The last thing you need is to create a negative image and have people talking about you for the wrong reasons.

If you start working on all these 5 strategies, you will not only start getting noticed, you’ll make more friends and have more fun at work. Put more drive and energy into your work, keep a smile on your face, keep your head up instead of down as you walk around the office. Start spreading some positivity and energy around the office, and others will feel it and start sharing it too.

Don’t just work with your head. Start working with your heart too. You’ll find yourself being noticed for all the right reasons!


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