Create A Worry Free Life: 5 Secrets To A Life on Fire

Worry Free Life: 5 Secrets To Making It Happen | Connected Women

I’ve taken time to breathe and reflect on my close to 2 months of travel. What will it take to have a worry free life?

From vacations to breakthroughs to going to Tanzania to summiting Mt Kilimanjaro…it’s been a crazy, wild ride. I’ve felt pulled apart at time, torn to shreds even as I broke down several time, but in the end, I’ve put all the pieces back together and I feel stronger, more whole, more complete and more ON PURPOSE than ever before.

My goal in this blogpost is to give you the BIGGEST learnings I’ve had so you, too can shift the big pieces into place in your life and set the cornerstones of an incredible life.

Big Lesson #1: Po-le, Po-le

I’ve learnt, re-learnt and continued to learn that the secrets to a great life lie in these 2 words pronounced Po-le, Po-le that means one step at a time.

We are so rushed as a society — rushing to complete work, rushing to get to the top, rushing to succeed and make it. But every climb, every journey begins with a single step, one at a time, starting right now. Take that step. Keep taking that step, and you’ll reach the top. Period.

Big Lesson #2: Head Up and Breathe

I’m a self-confessed neurotic person. I think a lot, I want things done yesterday and I’m pushing people around me to work and succeed as quick as possible. But I realized that there’s more to life than that.

Sometimes, I need to love the process, love the struggle, love the scenery and view that come with the work so I don’t lose sight of the joys of what I do. Sometimes, I need to breathe because work is NOT life. There’s more to life than that. And when I do that, I feel calmer. I have more to give, I’m happier and everything works better.

Big Lesson #3: When You Become Bigger, Your Problems Become Smaller

There are things I used to think was a bother before climbing the mountain. But after, I think they seem small and trivial. They can be solved and I can do many things else except stress about that.

What changed? My context changed. After the mountain, after that crazy adventure everything else seems easy. I became a bigger person. I realized that when you become bigger, your problems shrink in size to the degree you find the fact that you stressed so much about them in the past slightly comical.

Big Lesson #4: We All Have Amazing Power Inside Us — Truly!

You’ve heard this before maybe, but I’ve witnessed this all over the power. We all are MORE amazing than we think.

On the mountain, I saw people struggling to make it up. It seemed like they wouldn’t … but somehow they found the inner strength to push on every single day. They got to the summit, against all odds.

I saw young people, old people, males, females all reach inside and find their power to do amazing things in the toughest of situations. No matter where you are now, recognize that you have incredible POWER and POTENTIAL inside you! It’s just there, for you to tap and use to create your most incredible life!

Big Lesson #5: The Only Failure In Life Is The Failure To Participate

At the end, life is one big opportunity for us to learn, play, grow and have fun. The losers are NOT people who momentarily trip and fall. The losers are those who sit at the corner and wait, too scared to join in and play. The only failure in life is the failure to participate.

The happiest people, without question, all over the world are those who play relentlessly with life. They are active, helping, growing, learning, giving, contributing – and having fun as they do. Do they make mistakes? OF COURSE! Do they fall? OF COURSE. But that’s life.

Get up and keep playing. It’s really that simple! PLAY and ENGAGE with life; stop hiding and waiting and telling yourself that “someday you’ll do it”. It’s never gonna be perfect! That “someday” is TODAY! Get up and join the party!

In the end, I’ve returned to beautiful Singapore changed and transformed for the better. Life is an incredible gift we all have. It’s in our hands for us to mold one step at a time.

So before we end, reflect and ask yourself:

  • How else can you PLAY BIGGER in life and PARTICIPATE more?
  • Are you enjoying the process as you strive to reach your goals?
  • Are you focused on taking a step forward every single day to reach your goals?
  • How else can you GROW as a person to permanently eliminate your little problems?

Your incredible life is within reach. I just know it is. And I look forward to reaching the mountain top of life with you!

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