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As location-independent, gig economy workers, women are a growing economic force. Women are quickly catching on to opportunities created by digital mobility and connectivity.

A 2014 study of Freelancers1 in America showed that 34% of the US workforce are working as freelancers. That’s around 53 million people who collectively add a whopping $715 billion annually to the economy.

What you might find interesting is that 53% of freelancers who participated in the survey are women. A study by People Per Hour found that women also win more freelance work opportunities than men (58%), and earn 22% more per hour.

Women are harnessing technology to do meaningful work, in the time that suits us, and on our terms.

The future is female – and powered by technology, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Here are three reasons why working independently works for women:

  • Work Around Life, Not Around Work
    Entrepreneurship and freelancing offer flexibility and freedom, not often found in traditional workplaces. This is attractive in itself, but for a working mother it’s a lifesaver.
  • Biological Clock vs Career Ladder
    Women who start families feel increasingly pressured to chose between career success or work-life balance. Taking time off from work to start a family can affect performance and confidence, and limit opportunities.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
    Despite the many challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and freelancers, the possibilities are endless. Choose a comfortable lifestyle business, the competitive startup grind, or anywhere in between.

The Digital Divide
As connectivity improves, we open up more opportunities for women’s economic participation. However, despite rapidly increasing connectivity and its clear benefits, the digital divide is still very real.

According to a 2017 survey by GSMA, women are 38% less likely to own a mobile phone compared to men.3

Improving access to connectivity is essential. For women, this opens up wider opportunities for sharing, connecting, working, and learning. When women are connected, they become powerfully active contributors to the economy.

We are connected women.

And together, we can drive this change.

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Gina Romero

Gina Romero is a community builder who harnesses technology to drive the success of women entrepreneurs. Working with corporate partners, local organisations and government agencies, Gina creates initiatives that strengthen the regional startup and SME ecosystem. She is the Founder of Connected Women.

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