Travel Preparations 101: 7 Ways To Make Your Trip Less Stressful And More Fun!

UNWIND Travel Preparations 101: 7 Ways To Make Your Trip Less Stressful And More Fun!

Taking a holiday should be fun and relaxing. I’m talking stress-free.

Unfortunately, a lot of people start stressing while preparing for it – worried of packing too much or not enough, of forgetting something, or annoyed by the time it takes them to pack. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some tips to simplify your travel preparations and make the process more enjoyable.

Create A List Of Things You Typically Need To Do Before Leaving

For example, identify who will care for your pets and plants during your absence, plan for the first few meals after your return (or even better, cook and freeze them), empty the fridge and the garbage bins, activate out of office messages, back-up computers, switch appliances off, lock windows and doors, etc.

Develop A Comprehensive Packing List

The best time to develop a packing list is, in fact, when you travel. Take note of what you took, how much you used, what you forgot, etc. so you can make necessary adjustments for the subsequent trips.

Use The Concept Of The Capsule Wardrobe

Select a few bottoms and tops that can easily be mixed and matched and that are versatile enough so you can dress up or down. Stick to 2 or 3 colour themes. Select clothes that can be layered so that you can adapt to various temperatures. Avoid packing a pair of shoes that will only be used for one occasion. Wear your bulkiest shoes in the airport and to your destination, pack the others.

Start Gathering The Items A Few Days Before Your Trip

This ensures you have time to wash those in the laundry basket. Print your packing list and tick the items off your list as you gather them. Put aside the clothes that you will wear during the trip. Pack only when you’ve gathered everything so you can optimise your packing.

Use Travel-Size Toiletries Or Travel-Size Containers

You can find some at Muji or The Face Shop to name a few. Make sure to label the containers. Same applies to medicine. Where possible, take only the number of tablets you need for the duration of your trip and the leaflet and store them in transparent, sealable bags.

Keep Your Toiletry Bag Pre-Packed

Especially applicable if you travel frequently. Take stock of what’s left after a trip and replenish it right away. Store it with your luggage.

Scan Your Vital Documents

Such as passport, ID card, driver license and the front and back of your credit cards with the emergency contact number. Keep a copy on the cloud so you can easily access them from any electronic device if they were lost or stolen. You may want to do the same with your travel documents (tickets, hotel reservations, etc.).

Planning goes a long way in making the whole traveling experience more pleasant and less stressful. And to enjoy the benefits of the holiday a bit longer, take it easy on your return by planning a day at home to recover from the trip, empty your luggage, go through your post and emails etc. Happy holidays!

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