This Kills Business Quicker Than An Ugly Logo

This Kills Your Business Faster Than An Ugly Logo

Ever visit a website and after scrolling the home page (for all of seven seconds), think, “Nah, can’t be bothered!”

That’s because you were greeted with TMI (too much information) or cheesy sales talk.

Like one of these gems:

“We’re a leader in……”
“We deliver premium…..”
“An innovative solution to help you….”
“I empower you….”
“Lost hope? Don’t give up….”

I know you’ve seen a TON of these headlines.

Maybe you’ve even used one yourself. It’s standard “professional language” after all. But here’s the thing…

Nothing kills attention spans and interest like cliché and long-winded copy.

Our guards go up.

Instead of thinking, “maybe this person can help me” we think, “not for me, I’ll keep looking.”

We may even feel like the company can’t be trusted.

We may even feel repulsed.

That’s because as people we like to buy from people, not companies or gimmicks.

And if we don’t get a sense of authenticity and humanity, we automatically disconnect.

If we can’t IMMEDIATELY understand what the company’s about and how it can help us, we’re out of there quicker than you can say Google Web Search.

No matter how good the company is, if the copy is rubbish (and the website doesn’t make the right impression) folks will leave and never look back.

The truth is, visitors to your site won’t make the effort to understand your business.

You must make them understand and give them a reason to care in five seconds flat.
(Quicker if you can – we’re competing with social media attention spans after all).

Once you have their attention – that’s your chance to show why you’re a good fit.

You do that by telling your story.

By sharing your blend of expertise, experience and passion.

By sharing the WHY1 behind what you do.

By getting them to buy into your vision, service and product offering.

By inspiring them to action.

Unlocking your story is the key to finding your authentic brand message and creating original, on-point copy that grabs people at the first sentence2.

You have a story that no one else can tell.

Are you telling it?

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Did you enjoy this post? Please share!
Amanda Blum

If there is anyone who can view this world from a candid, authentic, deep and yet romantic perspective, mixing business with heart, it will be writer and storyteller Amanda Blum. Follow this muse on her page or visit her website for her business with heart series. Contact her for your own business feature and to tell your story.

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References: 1. WHY, 2. grabs people at the first sentence

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