In The Spotlight: Denise Sadler, Clean Heels Middle East And Asia

She saw a market with a need not yet met in the Middle East and plunged into becoming her own boss. Denise Sadler has since expanded her business into Asia and the wedding industry. Her products are so practical others have started copying the design, almost a compliment and certainly a challenge which she faces with grace as she continues to uphold excellent customer service at the forefront of Clean Heels.

A Spotlight Interview to inspire those considering working for themselves, expanding into another continent, and walking tall with poise.

Tell us about you and your business/career, and what you were doing before?

Clean Heels Singapore is a relatively new business that I launched with my daughter in Asia in 2015. It’s an expansion of a current business I operate in the Middle East. On my arrival in the Middle East (UAE), I was invited to The Dubai World Cup horse race. In those days, it was all on grass. A friend over from the UK brought to my attention how Clean Heels would be a great asset for the heeled ladies struggling to keep their poise. On contacting the company in 2008, I was given the sole rights for the Middle East, which I still operate today. I felt the time was right for our expansion now into Singapore and the whole of Asia. We are now also making our mark on the wedding industry.

The Truth About Working For Yourself

I have always liked the idea of being my own boss, so when the opportunity arose I jumped at it. Being a small business owner is mostly pleasurable and rewarding, but requires a lot of hard work and sometimes less pay for all your efforts until you are established. There can be daily frustrations, joys and disappointments, but the flexibility of being your own boss is second to none. Don’t expand too quickly, as the more staff you employ can, of course, add more fun but also can create many more problems.

Testing If Its Worth The ROI

As a small business owner, the promotional costs of trying to get brand awareness can be very disappointing. Our products are very reasonably priced, so the high profit percentages that stores require can be very frustrating for us to try to supply them.

Customer service is very important to me, as is staff training on the products that are being sold. In some stores, I am frustrated by the lack of knowledge or care from staff. A challenge for me is those products that are now on the market have been copied from our original product. So, professional personal service is very important to me.

Everybody Works Differently

Don’t expect everyone to think or work the same way as you. It seems an obvious thing to say, but it is food for thought. When you are caught up in the passion of trying to make it all come together, others don’t always care as much as you do.

Applicable For Life And Business

I may be noisy but I don’t always have to be heard. I do listen.

Work With Denise

Be Smart and Sexy in Heels!

Visit the Clean Heels page to find out more about Denise’ work

Edited by Nedda Chaplin 

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Denise Sadler

Denise and Lauren Sadler are the mother and daughter team who have brought Clean Heels to Singapore. We launched in September 2014. After personal experience at having ruined our own expensive heels at a family wedding, we were delighted to become part of the Clean Heels franchised network. Our Clean Heels adventure started 7 years ago in the Middle East and is ongoing today. We have supplied many Weddings and Outdoor Events all over the world, keeping the ladies sexy and smart in their stilettos! Our product does a fantastic job, we hope you will love it too! Clean Heels - Heels Stoppers is the brainchild of Ally Stevenson in the UK who recently secured an investment from the TV programme Dragons Den.

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