How To Get Out From A Single Hand Choke – Kapap Academy Step-by-Step

This self-defence maneuver could save your life.

This self-defense maneuver could save your life. Our guest speaker at our last Athena Cappuccino Connections is women's safety & protection expert and recipient of the Queen's Young Leaders award in the UK, Qin Yunquan. In this video, Yunquan demonstrates how a quick and easy-to-follow technique could help a choking attack victim escape from danger.For more inspiring talks, join us at our next networking event:

Posted by The Athena Network Singapore & Asia Pacific on Friday, July 28, 2017
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Last month I was a speaker at The Athena Network Singapore’s Cappuccino Connections event. I shared about my recent trip to London where I met Queen Elizabeth II and received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

As the CEO of Kapap Academy, an Israeli hand-to-hand combat instructor and a certified Executive Bodyguard, I have trained thousands of people in self-defence, including vulnerable groups such as abused women, domestic helpers, the physically challenged and the elderly.

I shared my personal journey from an anorexic victim to the recipient of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award. And about how I challenged the traditional roles associated with gender, breaking boundaries and redefining what empowerment means to people.

I also gave a short demonstration of a simple but effective self-defence technique that all women should know: how to get out of a single hand choke.

It is really easy to get out of a single hand choke defence if you know what to do.

1. Use the opposite hand relative to the choking arm and pin the choking hand against your chest with your palm

2. Grab any one of the fingers by the fingertips

3. Envelope your entire hand around that one finger

4. Whilst keeping the attacker’s hand still pinned to your chest, bend the finger
backwards and move your body away from the attacker’s free hand

5. You can either snap the finger quickly and make your getaway or maintain the same tension on the finger to bring the guy down to his knees

From there you can further use a set of control and restraint techniques to restrain him

Here is some background on our system called Modern Street Combatives:

Modern Street Combatives is an eclectic self-defence system that comprises of Kapap, American Catch Wrestling, Dynamic Combat Method, Chin Na and several systems like Savate, Traditional TKD, Wing Chun etc.

In essence, Modern Street Combatives combine knowledge of Bodyguarding/Personal Protection concepts and principles with a scientific understanding of the human body based on biomechanics and the laws of physics.

In addition, it incorporates the use of psychology to help mentally prepare its students for real world violence and predatorial behaviour. This is a system that is for everyone and anyone, no pre-requisites necessary.

Work with Yunquan

For a limited time only, our entire beginner self-defence class is now Skills Future Approved! That means any Singaporean over 25 years old, can use their Skills Future Credits to pay for the entire course fee.

Please visit our website for further information.

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Qin Yunquan

Yunquan is an Bio-engineering (Honours) graduate and a certified Behavioural Consultant in a personality assessment tool known as DISC. She is a certified Rehabilitation Trainer for sports and martial arts injuries (MasterClass), and has also undergone formal training with the Paul Ekman Group (founded by the eminent psychologist Paul Ekman) in the field of detecting deception. She is also trained in Cognitive Behaviorual Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy by CBT Australia.

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