Finding The Diamond Sparkle In You

Shine bright like a diamond. A saying we all often hear. And something we strongly believe in here at Soulfit Studios*

The question here is: HOW do you access that inner strength within you?

Let me share a true story with you. Sometime last year, I met a lady who wished to be on a magazine cover very badly. I gave her the direct contact of a magazine editor. Very straightforward and easy, right?

Well, it was nowhere near that! The following excuses surfaced:

  • I do not look good enough for the cover
  • There’s someone “better” out there
  • Let me prepare a little bit more
  • I am not quite ready
  • I do not have time to send the email (Seriously, this one? It takes ONE CLICK- just click that “Send” button!)

Yet, why is it so difficult for her to click that button? Why all these thoughts? One word: FEAR.

Fear is often disguised as valid and logical reasoning, such as “Let me prepare a little bit more.” Sound familiar?

As a matter of fact, to click that send button simply requires inner work to shift perception around fear. One critical shift that is required here is to leap from fear to faith. To choose to believe it BEFORE you see it – and not the other way around. Or, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” These illusions of I’m worthless, I’m not ready, I’m not good enough act as stumbling blocks that blind you from finding the diamond sparkle in you.

Now, what do you really want in life? Please be honest with yourself, even if you feel fear in answering that question.

Look, it’s okay to be feeling some sort of fear. It’s not okay to be controlled by it.

Let me share with you five powerful steps to achieve your desire, while conquering your fear at the same time:

1. Write down your desire (eg, be on a magazine cover) on paper.

2. Identify and write down your underlying fear by asking yourself what is holding you back, and what your “valid” excuses are – eg, too busy to send an email to the editor, etc.

3. Look at what you’ve written for #2 and challenge yourself. Is this absolutely true? Is this 100% certain? (Most of the time, you’ll realise it’s not even close to 99% true!).

4. Write your “make believe” statement that would help you conquer your fear. It may not necessarily be what you believe is true now, but you know it would be useful if you did believe. For example, “I’ve more than enough time to send that email to the editor.”

5. Get it DONE!

You can apply this five-step approach to any area of your life.

As you begin to conquer your fear, you’ll feel the gush of inspiration and confidence flowing through you. You’ll start to see your inner sparkle, your own talent and beauty. You’ll begin to find what’s going right, instead of what’s wrong. All these take inner work. It is not an overnight process but a step-by-step, moment-by-moment journey.

At this very moment, I invite you to make one decision for yourself that would help you find the diamond sparkle in you. Why do I say this? I may not know how it may go for you, but what I know for sure is this: By doing this, I’ve found my sparkle, and I live each day in passion, love, and gratitude.

Before we part, remember this: Fear to faith is just a thought away.


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*About SoulFit Studios: SoulFit Studios located in the heart of Chinatown providing unique training and life coaching for professional and personal life transformation through a deeper understanding of social psychology, neuroscience and neurolinguistics.

Edited by Michelle Sarthou 
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Elies Hadi

Elies Hadi, a multi-talented Executive, Professional Growth and Mindfulness Coach. She works with international clients to find their Sparkle, the diamond that shines in everyone, to tap into their inner strength and ignite their passion while managing the practicality and reality of the stressful working life.

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