Daring To Live An Inspired Life – Powerful Tools For A Fulfilled Living

Daring To Live An Inspired Life - Powerful Tools For A Fulfilled Living

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal” – Zig Ziglar

#1 Visualisation

Visualisation has the power to bring your ideas into reality in your mind.

Daring To Live An Inspired Life – a motivational event with four international speakers took place in the Netherlands, Korzo Theather in The Hague. But the event started a year earlier, during a visualisation session.

I was in Singapore but my mind went to a space where I saw the theme, the venue and imagined the audience and four speakers. The emotions were so real that I knew that I had to bring that image to life.

Creative visualisations can help us refine our ideas and are the prelude to making our dreams come true.

#2 Collaboration

Daring To Live An Inspired Life encouraged speakers to share their stories candidly. I’d asked them to focus on the positive outcomes of changes they have experienced but also to mention the struggles. To connect with the audience and inspire them from a place of authenticity.

Through a succession of serendipitous occurrences, Elsa Regan, Juliana Ibrahim, Pascal Vatasso and Louise Mennen formed a remarkable panel. The four of them and all the others involved including the audience made it possible.

Collaborations have the power to accelerate, expand and trigger unimaginable outcomes.

#3 List The Things You Want To Bring Into Your Life

I’d asked the audience “please raise your hand if you would like to bring more positive changes into your life?” I realised immediately that everyone had some degree of improvement that they aimed to achieve.

And what about you?

List the changes you want to bring and pledge to start acting on them immediately one day at the time.

Most people don’t achieve goals not because they are unable or unskilled. They don’t achieve because they don’t know what they want and they don’t devote the time to truly focus on what they want to accomplish.

#4 Listen To Yourself

What exactly brings me satisfaction?

What feels like the right thing for me to do?

Where do I contribute the most?

Where do I bring the most value to people and the organisation?

Elsa Regan triggered the audience vividly with these questions.

What about you? Ask yourself these questions and you might be surprised with the answers.

#5 Let Go Of Who You Think The World Needs You To Be

“Loving myself means letting go of the idea I thought I needed to be, the ideas of what I thought the world expected of me and just flow through life and embrace me the way I truly was meant to be.” Juliana Ibrahim confessed during the event.

Often enough we live under others’ expectations and dreams. Is that your case? If so… this is your life and you should start living it according to YOUR wishes.

#6 Follow Your Heart

“My life has been guided by my heart and my enthusiasm. What has also been inspiring the people I’ve met. Inspiring means something (…) touching my heart.” – Pascal Vatasso shared candidly.

Be open to the people that will inspire you to change and truly follow your heart.

#7 Follow The Fire That Burns Inside You

“I don’t have to fulfil others expectations. … I can make my own choices and I can do what feels good to me. If you want to live an inspired life follow the fire that is burning inside of you.” – Louise Mennen concluded during the event.

A life lived according to your heart’s burning desires is a life full of meaning. You will know it, search for it because you are worth it.

#8 Take Ownership Of Your Happiness

So now I ask you to pause. To reflect on your life. To embrace the struggles that come with every challenge, take responsibility and truly start Daring To Live An Inspired Life. Making daily choices that will bring you closer to your dreams. Because we own that to ourselves to be happy!

And guess what…I’m already visualising another inspirational event! Our life is truly the result of what we dare to imagine!

Watch the Youtube Video Highlights of Daring To Live An Inspired Life and feel free to spread the inspiration.

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Julieta Timane

Julieta Timane is a creative entrepreneur currently living in Singapore who is fascinated by words, art and creativity and their incredible impact on our world.

Julieta has a corporate human resources background and after many years of moving home and living in different countries, (Italy, Japan, Malaysia, U.K) she now focuses on living her life more creatively.

She is the founder of BlackInkWords a brand that delivers empowering workshops and organises motivational events. The workshops aim to empower and inspire participants to learn how to reconnect with their inner selves through storytelling and simple creative writing exercises. The Daring to Live are motivational events with incredible speakers focused on lifestyle improvement themes.

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Edited by: Amber Valencia, Image credit: Pexels

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