#ConnectedWomen: Adele Lim, Founder of Rawfully Whole and Whole Capacity

#ConnectedWomen: Adele Lim, Founder of Rawfully Whole and Whole Capacity

There is nothing quite like a life crisis to make you reconsider where you want life to take you.

As women continue to be a driving force for change around the world, this series aims to highlight those who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to creating an impact.

In this exclusive interview, Connected Women caught up with Adele Lim, following the recent launch of her second book, Love With Passion and Perspective.

Adele Lim Whole Capacity

Adele is founder of Rawfully Whole and Whole Capacity, a global web of catalysts facilitating movement and innovation in change and growth. Taking life in strides, Adele’s work places emphasis on systemic approaches and leading from the core, inspiring and sustaining change on multiple levels. Adele is also author of Live Your Whole Capacity.

We are so happy to have Adele with us at Connected Women. Our interview with her will soothe and recharge you.

Tell us about you and your business and what you were doing before?

I support people in times of significant work or life change, whether individually or in a group, personally or in families and organisations, privately or through programmes. I work with others using tools and processes through what I call Catalyse Sessions.

Adele Lim, Founder of Rawfully Whole and Whole Capacity

My work comes to life through co-creative partnership. I am with clients as they develop their own framework, mapping processes and ways of being, changing and growing.

I write, speak, coach and consult about change, and I facilitate dialogues and interventions in surfacing what converged to emerge and weaving in what emerged to convergence.

I began my career in Finance and learnt that I enjoyed working with people more than with numbers, so back in 2008, I made a formal career switch to Human Resources as a Chartered HR Professional. Through various jobs in this arena, I discovered my calling in organisation development as taught by the NTL Institute. I knew something was changing in my corporate life.

As life would have it, I experienced a breakthrough moment one night, and something shifted deep within. This strange spontaneous experience was followed by a book idea, a pregnancy and stepping into life as a trailing spouse.

The rocky road as an expat wife and new mother, coupled with marital problems, sucked me into a cloud of transformation that brought me closer to understanding my guiding inner light. Struggles and blessings intertwined, as challenges in my marriage brought clarity to my dreams, desires and boundaries, surfacing contexts for me to ground my expansion.

My international divorce brought another context into play, not only renewing the sense of purpose that propels towards visions but actually bringing the visions forward to meet creation in the moment. This is the space where dreams are being lived today.

Adele Lim, Founder of Rawfully Whole and Whole Capacity

Living A Life In Flow

I love what I do and I am grateful for every minute that I am able to find joy in what I do and do what I find joy in. I love every minute that I can be that joy. My dreams and desires keep me up at night and get me out of bed every morning. Being with my daughter, watching her grow and learning from her, lets me live my blessings every single day.

I love being in flow, because when I feel flow, everything clicks in place quickly. Love and money flow more easily with a sense of well-being and safety when I am not working hard or searching directly for it. I love that everything I need is just there waiting for me to be ready and all I need to do is to return to who I am, to return to Source, to Re-Source when I am feeling ‘off’.

I love co-creating what brings joy, freedom and growth. It so aligns with who I am.

Coming Face-to-Face With Entrepreneurial & Life Challenges

We can be very problem-focused, and our tendency is to equate the elimination of the problem with success. However, if we do not give enough attention to what is already going in the desired direction and give that energy, we are not helping ourselves as we will not be ready to receive what we want.

We operate very differently when we feel abundant in love and well-being, and we can thrive instead of survive even during the most challenging of times. When we can step into true empowerment, standing on a place of responding with love instead of fighting in anger over injustice… when we can stand in the throes of darkness, hold space and bring light, illumination shifts energy to flow.

My biggest lesson in life is that nothing is what
it seems once you truly and deeply, look at it.

Adele Lim, Founder of Rawfully Whole and Whole Capacity

In Hindsight

I would not be where I am today, experiencing so much love and well-being, if not for what society and culture would deem as ‘failure’ and nowhere have I experienced so much pain and conflict than when I am in what society and culture deem ‘success’. So much so that the flipping and flopping between these human experiences had me truly live and experience consequence and result, to love deeply and to embody real-life living of whole systems capacity.

I am honestly not sure if I would change anything. The Butterfly Effect as they say. And I love who I am today. If I changed one thing, I don’t know if I would be where I want to be.

Adele’s work now has her meet others at crucial points in their lives. She believes
The Perfect Storm wakes us up to our innate capability of rebirthing ourselves,
that she was brave enough to then tread cross-border divorce and share her wisdom from
that experience, and that she has been using her whole self to create spaces that inspire
joyful growth and freedom.

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Adele M. Lim

Adele is known for her work as a Change Catalyst. She holds an MSc in Information Management and Finance from University of Westminster UK, and a Certificate in Organisation Development from NTL Institute (formerly National Training Laboratories of Bethel, Maine).  

Her professional training includes Systemic Constellations, Theory U, and the Inner Dance Energy School. She is also a Chartered Member of the CIPD UK, the Founder of and Lead Catalyst at Whole Capacity, and the Founder of Rawfully Whole, an integrative, cooperative platform that supports women in enabling the living of their deepest truth and passion. She is also the creator of Lovingspace, a project series in support of international families experiencing massive change.

Edited by Amber Valencia, Image credit: Adele Lim; Book photo by Renata Oliva, References: Live Your Whole CapacityWhole Capacity Facebook Page, Rawfully WholeRawfully Whole Facebook Page
This interview was last updated 26 November 2017.


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