Karen Lee*

Fitness lives in Karen’s blood since she first started a trial class in aerobics with AMORE, a well-known women’s gym in Singapore at age 15. Since then, she fell in love with aerobics. Her professional background lies in Information Technology particularly in Channel Alliance and Business Development, which officially ended in June of 2014. Karen has then taken fitness full time into her hands and is the Founder of Karenlee.Fitness LLP She conducts HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to her clients either individually or in a group 5 times a week. It’s the most effective way to lose weight and get into shape quickly, hence she believes that everyone in Singapore should get on board!

What do surrender, fitness and new beginnings have in common? Introducing Karen Lee, a personal fitness trainer who went from obese to fitness model contender and dissatisfied corporate executive to freelance entrepreneur.