Imran Mohamad

Imran Mohamad is the founder of Street Smart University and the Fast Business Growth program. He is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, husband and father whose goal is to touch 1 million lives with more happiness, freedom and wealth. Coming from a lower-middle income background in Singapore, he started Street Smart University after going through 8 years of business failure and realising school did not prepare us for the real world - and it now connects people with world class mentors. Imran helps solopreneurs add 6 figures to their business with his proven Fast Business Growth coaching, taking them from client uncertainty to client certainty, from cash anxiety to cash flow, from being a best kept secret to having a million dollar message. Imran and his companies have been featured on The Sunday Times, 938Live, Berita Harian, TechInAsia,, SME Magazine, TheSmartLocal and more.