Helga Herrera

Helga Herrera is a photographer specialized in women photography. Her focus on women photography is sprung out of a passion that emphasizes on a beauty that changes - something she aims to present in all her pictures, and a confidence she loves to see glow out of all of her clients portraits.

Leaving her career in Marketing and Trade to follow her passion in photography, Helga has never looked back. With a degree from the Photography Institute in the UK and having participated in several workshops and seminars throughout the last 10 years, Helga has mastered the art of photography and editing. After moving to Singapore more than 5 years ago, she founded Grafika Photography and Design, being one of the main photographers at the company today.

Helga also enjoys teaching. She shares her photography knowledge and her experiences in photography through various photography courses at different levels, including group courses and private tutoring.

Steve McCurry is undoubtedly one of the most iconic contemporary photographers. People living in Singapore are very lucky to have direct access to Steve McCurry’s work, and while I know everybody can see it online, to see a big museum-grade print of his work is something special.

Chiang Mai is a city full of culture and beautiful scenery located in Northern Thailand. Up until the 1920’s, it was somehow isolated, leaving its historical treasures almost untouched. Inside Chiang Mai's old city walls are more than 30 temples, including Burmese, Sri Lankan, and Lanna Thai styles. And it was here, with the temples and tuk-tuks as a backdrop, that the third episode of Photo Face-Off took place.