5 Helpful Infographics To Help With Different Kinds Of Body Pain

5 Crazy Helpful Infographics To Help With Different Kinds Of Body Pain

Throughout the many years of working as a therapist, I have had the privilege to meet and treat many different people with many different diagnosis, body pains and discomforts. 

Sadly, too many people live for too long with unresolved pain issues. They have, perhaps, sought the help from health practitioners to no avail and take strong medication daily. Nothing seems to work for them.

It’s as if their ‘best’ has gone forever and they can no longer enjoy family, social or work life.

Let me reassure you, it hasn’t.

Here’s the truth: your best is still there. It’s simply waiting to be unlocked.

Here are five infographics compiled using my expertise and knowledge, all of which you can find over on my blog.

1. Understanding Lower Back Pain

2. How To Use A Gel Pack 3 Ways

3. Pay Close Attention To Your Body To Prevent Injury

4. Pain Prevention Specifically For Golfers

If you’re already in pain, your focus should not be prevention. Your focus should be alleviating the pain and returning to you best.

If you choose to visit a practitioner to help diagnose your pain points and seek treatment, here are some helpful tips to make it a successful visit.

5. Make The Most Of Your Visit To Your Health Practitioner

Remember, ‘The reality is that a pain-free life is just one connection away’.

If a loved one or friend came to mind while reading a particular infographic, please do share it with them.

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Else Strom Vistisen

Else Strom Vistisen is an internationally renowned therapist and innovator in the field of chronic pain relief. Her training as an occupational therapist, Emmett- and Bowen therapist give her a unique ability to provide long-lasting pain solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century.

Else’s successful therapy for pain-free living has already transformed and enhanced the lives, health and success of thousands of people around the world. She runs a private practice in Singapore and is the founder of Else Vistisen Therapy, which is regulated by Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Edited by: Amber Valencia, Image credit: Jean Gerber on Unsplash, Reference: Else Vistisen Blog

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