4 Reasons Cloud Is Essential For Your Business

Cloud For Business And Why It's Essential For Productivity | Connected Women

Ask The Expert: An Interview with Cloud expert Paul High, CEO of High-Tech Solutions– official Microsoft partners and specialist IT consultants providing technology services for companies of all sizes. So, what exactly is the Cloud?

Cloud is a generic term that means an IT service or data is being hosted, and is delivered / accessible from a remote server(s) via the internet as opposed to having your own on-premises server or storage device.

As Cloud technology develops and improves, these services are becoming better, and more and more software providers are offering Cloud services and solutions.

The benefits are immense and can help everyone — from a large company down to an individual user.

1. What are the cost benefits of Cloud?

For companies that have on-premises server(s), migrating to the Cloud means big cost savings in on-going hardware and maintenance costs.

For a small monthly fee, there is no longer the need to host your email exchange and file server on-premises and eliminates the need for expensive servers and maintenance.

2. What about productivity?

Being able to sync all your files, emails, contacts, and calendars across multiple devices massively improves productivity and efficiency.

In addition, having your data on the cloud means that it is more secure and backed up at all times. Losing or breaking a PC or device no longer means having to say goodbye to your precious files and data.

Microsoft boasts a +99% cloud server up-time which is far higher than a typical on-premises server.

3. Are there many options and if so, how do I know which is best for me or my company?

Yes! Most major software companies provide Cloud services for their software now. Moving your shared files and email exchange to any Cloud service would be a beneficial step forward for your business.

As Microsoft Cloud partners HTS recommends the Office 365 and SharePoint platform as the best scalable Cloud product, with many plans available to suit the size of your business.

4. Is it safe and secure?

Most Cloud providers (including Microsoft) ensure that all your data is stored in more than one physical location and is encrypted both in transit and when parked. This means that no-one can get access to your data unless they have your password. They also comply with Finance Conduct Authorities security guidelines.

You don’t have to worry about security and safe-keeping as the Cloud does it all for you. With Cloud, you can have peace of mind.

I am sold! Where and how do I access Cloud?

Deciding which services you need is the first step and then finding the right product is the next. There are many considerations for businesses planning to migrate to the cloud including:

  • Number of people in the business
  • Data security
  • Total size of emails and files
  • Size of individual large files
  • File structure
  • Roles and permissions

Any other tips?

Be sure to choose a cloud service provider that tailors the solution to fit your needs. An experienced provider will help you to map out the requirements and provide a delivery plan — in plain English.

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Paul High

Paul High is the founder of High-Tech Solutions, a specialist IT Company with a strong team of engineers, programmers, designers and project managers who deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions.​ Using his wide IT background and specialised skills, Paul set up High-Tech Solutions to provide IT solutions, services and support to small and medium enterprises.​ High-Tech Solutions specialises in the following areas: Managed IT Support, Cloud Solutions, Office 365 & SharePoint, Website Development & SEO, e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Web & Mobile Applications. Contact Paul Today!

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