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Top 10 Fitness Tips For the Busy Executive

Living a healthy lifestyle and getting into shape as a busy executive in any city is often thought to be an impossible task. 

3 Silly Reasons Why Frozen Shoulder Doesn’t Heal

Having frozen shoulder can cause a lot of discomfort. But surprisingly, the reasons for this ailment are so simple, you'll kick yourself! Easy to avoid, too! Time to get our shoulders (and quality of life) back!

Looking Back And Moving Forward in 2017

Last year was filled with new accomplishments and life lessons, both personally and professionally.

6 Reasons Why Kids Need To See A Chiropractor

More and more children around the world are receiving chiropractic care.

5 Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

To achieve the best results for body transformation, clean eating is a must - and without the right nutrition, total body transformation will be impossible to attain.

Nutrition Facts: Coping With Food Allergies

My son has never had an allergy to anything in his 13+ years. However, recently over a six-month period he was experiencing ongoing hives and swelling, and it took some time before we could get to the bottom of it.

4 Tips To Regain Serenity And Avoid Anxiety

People have different ways to cope with stress and anxiety, and in severe conditions some resort to the use of prescription drugs.

Meet Jules: A Mother Of 2 On Her Revitalize-In-5! Journey

Meet Jules Warner, mother of two boys from Singapore who recently completed the Revitalize-in-5! Nutrition course.

Change Is The Only Constant: Accepting Change As A Basic Process Of Life

The recent general election in India brought amazing changes to the world’s second most populous country – a huge mandate for a single party after decades of coalition governments, a 129-year-old party associated with the freedom movement virtually wiped out (at least for now), and no opposition worth the name.

New Year, New Eats: 2017 Food Trends

After reading through reviews by various leading food associations and organisations on the food trends for 2017, I’m now that much wiser, and want to share some chosen bits and pieces with you.

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