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Punctuate Properly, Please

One of the most common challenges in business writing today is getting the comma and full stop in the right place. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Re-Program Your Little Voice For Infinite Success: Yana Fry Interviews Blair Singer

Have you ever experienced being in a particular situation, and feeling so small and limited? Even with all our skills, talents, and knowledge, we all go through times when we can’t help but feel less than we truly are.

Create A Legacy: Build A Library At Work.

There is so much information going around everyday. Facilitators and coaches like me come and go. Staff will do the same.

10 Reasons To Have A Home-Based Business

Let freedom ring!  In life, we have numerous choices that help define our destiny.

Brand Yourself Like A Rockstar: Yana Fry Interviews Emma Tiebens

Want to succeed in your business endeavour? One word: Marketing.

The Potential Of Connecting With People

No matter where you are in your career, the greatest challenge you face will probably not be the technical side of your job, but rather interacting with other people.

Mindset: Shifting Your Thinking From Challenge To Choice

How do we define mindset? One of my workshop participants said that it is the difference between a stubborn person and a people pleaser. I thought that was interesting.


How To Feng Shui Your Office Space

As the main hub of a business or organization, the office is a hugely important component of any successful organization.

Mukal Deva’s Simple Yet Effective Formula For Writing Your First Book

Now Is the time to pursue your literary dreams!

Is Your Email Sending The Right Message?

I’m sure some of us jumpstart the day with a morning jog or a cup of coffee, but when we get to work, one of the first things we do is check our email. This is an essential step in setting our pace for the rest of the work day.

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