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Connected Women

In The Spotlight: Peiru Teo, Managing Director, La Belle Couture Weddings

Life has a way of throwing us off our paths, and leading us to new ones. Peiru Teo embraced the challenge, and emerged from it with a thriving business – providing excellent service by marrying a traditional industry with the advantages of modern technology.

In The Spotlight:Irene Gomez, Chief Inspiration Officer, Corporate Media Services PL


Sometimes, what you least expect turns out to be exactly what’s right for you. Irene Gomez considers herself an “accidental entrepreneur”; but with her talent, her skills, and her drive, it’s no wonder that she’s built a successful empire in the world of communications.

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Raymunda Blum, Pioneering Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

Overseas Filipino Workers (there are 2.4 million1 ; more than half of whom are women) take drastic steps for their family; to provide for them, they often leave their families, their comfort zone, their friends, and their home.

In The Spotlight: Rishma Petraglia, Reiki Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach, The Heart Whispers

Love and self-development. Two things the world has always been fascinated by. Rishma Hooda’s own experiences and struggles with matters of the self and the heart became her inspiration to start her own venture – and her success stems from a genuine, selfless desire to guide others towards acceptance and love.

In The Spotlight: Amutha Saravanan, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Da Vinci Group

When education and passion drive you to follow a certain path, it takes an immense amount of courage and strength to just go for it. Amutha Saravanan knew where her heart truly belonged, and she fearlessly set out to build a business that would fulfil her aspirations – and touch the lives of so many.

In The Spotlight: Antoinette Biehlmeier, Owner, Inner Dynamics Map, Founder, TheraSmart, and TimeWaver S.E.A.

Family is the key driving force for a lot of us. For Antoinette Biehlmeier, her family is her greatest inspiration – helping her to focus, overcome challenges, and to help others do the same. A woman who values giving people a chance to live their best lives, and values being able to live her best life, with her family and loved ones.

In The Spotlight: Shamala Tan, Intuitive Life Coach

In overcoming our mistakes, we wind up seeing the path that is truly right for us. Shamala Tan’s learnings from past experiences led her to find what truly brings her joy and fulfilment – and her passion for coaching and helping others is truly an inspiration to all.

In The Spotlight: Tara Lin, Owner, Avec Amour

Sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith for us to have the courage to do more than we could have ever dreamed or imagined. Tara Lin followed her gut feeling, and her vision, passion, and determination has enabled her to live the life she wants – doing what she truly loves, while living a happy, balanced life.


In The Spotlight: Paul Lim, Founder of AStar Success

A man who values credibility, good business, and family. Paul Lim shows us how having the courage to take risks and venture into the unknown can prove to be the best decision for success in one's professional and personal lives. 

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Ann Cuisia, Founder And CEO, Gava Tech

A woman with substance, full of genuine kindness and generosity. Ann Cuisia knew that she wanted to make a difference, to encourage goodness in others – and no matter the odds, no matter the sacrifices, she is steadfastly turning her vision of a better, kinder world into reality.

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