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Connected Women

Marketing 101: The Fine Line Between Congratulating And Capitalising

A key factor in the success of any business is effective marketing.

In The Spotlight: Peiru Teo, Managing Director, La Belle Couture Weddings

Life has a way of throwing us off our paths, and leading us to new ones. Peiru Teo embraced the challenge, and emerged from it with a thriving business – providing excellent service by marrying a traditional industry with the advantages of modern technology.

3 Silly Reasons Why Frozen Shoulder Doesn’t Heal

Having frozen shoulder can cause a lot of discomfort. But surprisingly, the reasons for this ailment are so simple, you'll kick yourself! Easy to avoid, too! Time to get our shoulders (and quality of life) back!

Punctuate Properly, Please

One of the most common challenges in business writing today is getting the comma and full stop in the right place. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

In The Spotlight:Irene Gomez, Chief Inspiration Officer, Corporate Media Services PL


Sometimes, what you least expect turns out to be exactly what’s right for you. Irene Gomez considers herself an “accidental entrepreneur”; but with her talent, her skills, and her drive, it’s no wonder that she’s built a successful empire in the world of communications.

In The Spotlight: Rishma Petraglia, Reiki Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach, The Heart Whispers

Love and self-development. Two things the world has always been fascinated by. Rishma Hooda’s own experiences and struggles with matters of the self and the heart became her inspiration to start her own venture – and her success stems from a genuine, selfless desire to guide others towards acceptance and love.

Advice To All Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Violet Lim, Founder Of Lunch Actually - Asia’s Largest Dating Agency, Shares Her Wisdom

I’m always asked about what advice I would tell my younger self or other aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some helpful tips and words of wisdom to all who have their eyes on building their own business.

Is Being Stuck Actually Easier Than Being Unstuck?

I remember when I was feeling stuck in my life many, many years ago. All I wanted to do was stay at home and watch videos. Or mope around and complain to my friends about my situation. Or just cry.

About Those Millenials: From A Gen Xer To Baby Boomers And Gen Xers Alike

I smirk when Baby Boomers and Gen Xers (my generation) complain about Millennials. Disloyal, unable to focus, low stress tolerance, wants instant gratification, and even unleadable are just a few of the criticisms I hear when I speak about Millennials in the workforce.

Re-Program Your Little Voice For Infinite Success: Yana Fry Interviews Blair Singer

Have you ever experienced being in a particular situation, and feeling so small and limited? Even with all our skills, talents, and knowledge, we all go through times when we can’t help but feel less than we truly are.

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