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What Great Listeners Actually Do

Chances are you think you’re a good listener.  Most people's appraisal of their listening abilities is much like their assessment of their driving skills, in that the great bulk of adults think they’re above average.

How To Use The Ivy Lee Method To Boost Productivity While Remote Working

True or false: Multitasking means getting more accomplished simultaneously. Yes? No?

Co-Parenting During Summer Break: 9 Tips to Keep You Sane!

Summer is here, and the weather is fine.

Writing 101: Common Errors With Commas

Whenever I'm giving writing tips, I always stress the importance of putting commas and full stops in the right place. So here are some tips to help you use commas correctly.  

Share Your Inspiration: Telstra Business Women's Awards Open Nominations In Australia And Asia

The recent Women In Business report by Grant Thornton revealed that, although there is a slight increase in the proportion of senior roles held by women, it was still only at 25% globally - and in many Asian countries it was even lower.

How To Be An Authentic C-Suite On Social Media

One question that I get asked a lot by c-suite executives is if they should be on social media - and if they are on social media, how should they boost their profile as a leader.

No One Gives A **** About Your Business

How many businesses are you a huge fan of? Do you actively advocate their services/products? Probably not all that much, right? 

3 Crucial Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Partnership With Your PR Agency

Communicating well with your PR agency1 is the key to a positive and prosperous relationship with not just the agency but also prospective customers, media, bloggers, and influencers.

60-Second Leadership Tip: Decision-Making

Did you know that making a decision is statistically better than not making a decision?

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business

Many social platforms these days can be used to enhance your business endeavour. It’s best to take note, and utilize them to your advantage!

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