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Advice To All Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Violet Lim, Founder Of Lunch Actually - Asia’s Largest Dating Agency, Shares Her Wisdom

I’m always asked about what advice I would tell my younger self or other aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some helpful tips and words of wisdom to all who have their eyes on building their own business.

Is Being Stuck Actually Easier Than Being Unstuck?

I remember when I was feeling stuck in my life many, many years ago. All I wanted to do was stay at home and watch videos. Or mope around and complain to my friends about my situation. Or just cry.

About Those Millenials: From A Gen Xer To Baby Boomers And Gen Xers Alike

I smirk when Baby Boomers and Gen Xers (my generation) complain about Millennials. Disloyal, unable to focus, low stress tolerance, wants instant gratification, and even unleadable are just a few of the criticisms I hear when I speak about Millennials in the workforce.

7 Tips To Help You Disconnect – And Reconnect With What Matters

I would have never thought I could become a potential candidate for technology addiction. 

5 Reasons Why Storytelling Will Lead Your Child To Success

As far as I know, there is no formal subject in school about the art of storytelling.

Date Night Dishes: 5 Simple Meals For Yummy Evenings

You’ve done the coffee date, went out for drinks, caught a movie together... Now comes the big one: Dinner. Time to showcase your cooking skills – and seal the deal!

How I got 4730 Likes On My Liberty Of London Painting

When it comes to social media, Instagram is one of my favourite platforms because it’s all about the visuals, which is definitely important for an artist!

Personality Tests: Valuable Insights Or Hocus Pocus

A while ago, a friend (let’s call her Anna) told me about a personality test she had done during her first job. It was the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - the standard of profiling when she and I started our working lives decades ago.  

Finding The Diamond Sparkle In You

Shine bright like a diamond. A saying we all often hear. And something we strongly believe in here at Soulfit Studios*

Why Do You Really Resist Getting Help?

Do you resist getting help because you want to do it on your own? Or is it because you do not really want to succeed?

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