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Connected Women

Messy And Disorganised? Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You’re not a hoarder by any means, but somehow your possessions have gotten out of control. 

5 Things You’ll Love About Avec Amour’s New Singapore Online Lingerie Shop

Asia’s leading lingerie store has something great for you: An easy-to-use online lingerie shop with quick shipping and an incredible selection of international brands! What’s not to love?

Hot Date Tips: Date Night Bars In Singapore (With Snacks!)

It’s date night, and the pressure is on to select the perfect venue - somewhere not too loud or obnoxious, and doesn’t have a price tag you’ll regret the next day. 

5 Reasons Why Most People Avoid Financial Planning And Insurance

No, no, no!,Its ok,” “Sorry, I am busy.” These are some of the common phrases that a prospective client would say to a financial planner when being approached - be it on the streets, in residential areas, or upon receiving a call.

A Newsletter Is A Sales Pitch – In A Good Way

Several years ago, I received a comment from someone who said that my e-zine is nothing but a sales pitch.

Buying The Perfect Thong Underwear Online

The perfect thong underwear: Is there such a thing?

Practicing Gratitude Through The Challenges Of Parenting

Being a parent is one of life’s most profound, joyful experiences - but it certainly can have its challenging times as well.

4 Things You Need To Include In Your Morning Routine

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked a regular eight-to-five job. Most of my mornings were spent quickly taking a shower, rushing to put on clothes, scarfing down breakfast, and heading out the door.

Tooth Loss And How It Affects Your Overall Health

Each adult should boast 32 permanent teeth, including 4 wisdom teeth.

Keeping It Discreet: How To Travel With Your Sex Toys

It’s time for that long-awaited holiday! You’ve worked hard, and probably spent some time away from your partner to ensure you get everything done in preparation for a relaxing, no-stress holiday.

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