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Connected Women

DreamDareDo: The Mother's Day Edition - May6 (Event)

Just as an architect needs a blueprint to build a magnificent structure, so do you need to have a clear vision and an actionable plan in order to build your dream life for yourself and your family, from this point onward.

Perfect Your Sales Pitch - April26 (Event)

Combine crafty sales approaches with simple visual communications tools and techniques to wow your audiences and sell your ideas!

Savor The Art Of Australian Beef With Mr. Terry Farrell - April26 (Event)

Westholme Brand Ambassador Mr. Terry Farrell will be showcasing featured cuts of Australian beef for one scrumptious evening this April. 

Signs That You Need To De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Over the years, you've no doubt been enticed or persuaded to purchase the latest kitchen fads - from tupperwares to new slicing and dicing gadgets to electrical gizmos and more!

10 Egg-cellent Reasons To Enjoy Eggs

Eggs have certainly taken a battering in recent years! A few decades back we got ourselves into a right scramble on the cholesterol debate, but luckily that's all now boiled over.

Startup Asia Women Turns Spotlight On Subscription-Based Startups With Physical Marketplace And Talk - Apr7-8 (EVENT)

Subscription boxes in the US are ballooning, but more momentum is required in Singapore.

Have A Grand Easter Celebration At The Party Elves Easter Picnic 2017 - Apr16 (EVENT)

Looking for something fun for the whole family to do together this coming Easter Sunday?

Athena Cappuccino Connections - Apr26 (Event)



The Athena Executive Club - Apr12 (Event)

Athena Executive Connections - Apr5 (Event)

Athena Executive Connections

Social Drinks at Carlton City Hotel

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