Child Health Myth-Busting Series Part 4: Dr. Yue On Airways

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Does constant breathing through your mouth really lead to problems long-term? Or is this a myth?

Sadly, this is NOT a myth.

Fear not, you can help your child re-establish breathing through their nose and save them from problems in the long run.

Listen to Dr Yue Weng Cheu, a Clinical Director at DP Dental, share more.

And that is the end of the Child Health Myth-Busting Series. You can catch Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 here.


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to learn more about milk teeth and breathing, posture, stem cells or airways.


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Louisa Lee

Louisa Lee is the Managing Director of DP Dental. DP Dental's experienced team are committed to practicing minimally invasive dentistry. They say that there is simply nothing that can fully match the functionality of your natural teeth; therefore, are dedicated to finding the simplest, most effective solution to a dental problem that preserves as much tooth structure as possible. Louisa also manages Dental ED South East Asia which provides top-notch dental education for the top dentists in the region and an advisory board member of the Imagine Cambodia Foundation. Contact Louisa at DP Dental here.

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