A Newsletter Is A Sales Pitch – In A Good Way

Several years ago, I received a comment from someone who said that my newsletter is nothing but a sales pitch.


Well, yes, of course it is!

Why would it be otherwise?

I am not going to deny it. When I have something good to share with others whom I know will benefit, why shouldn’t I pitch it to them?

My inspiration comes from all the great Masters of this planet. From Jesus to Buddha to Yogananda. They were pitching all the time, and they were some of the great sale masters of our time.

I believe that being a great salesperson must come with a true and deep conviction in our own beliefs. These masters have shown us their conviction by breathing, living, and being their wisdom. And they were selling us the idea of self-realization, growth, and empowerment because they know that these are goals that we each instinctively are reaching for.

I believe in serving and helping others to be better than they are.

If I do not do a pitch then wouldn’t I be selfish? Keeping my knowledge and wisdom all to myself and not sharing?

Okay, maybe some of you may say, well, these masters do not charge money for what they do. Sure, but we cannot say for certain that there were or weren’t any energy exchanges.

We do live in different times now. We no longer walk for miles to reach groups of people to pitch to. Now we take the train, car, plane, and so on.

We no longer wait for the messenger pigeon to deliver our messages; we now have the internet to do just that.

I know you agree with me that times have changed. And so has the energy exchanges.

I am happy to pitch to anyone who would like to learn. The truth is this simple: This is part of mission work.


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This post was first published on Modern Medicine Woman and has been reposted on Connected Women  with the permission of the author. 

Edited by Michelle Sarthou
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Shamala Tan

Shamala Tan is an author, spiritual entrepreneur, healer and the founder of Modern Medicine Woman. Her work focuses on transforming the lives of others on the spiritual, emotional, mental and earthly level.

Shamala is also very passionate about wellness and she has been helping parents to keep their children healthy the natural way. Her own success story is with her daughter who is 11 who has never taken anti-biotics in her life! check out her website:

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