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Being an entrepreneur is an empowering, exhilarating experience ... and probably the best fun you've had in years. But the constant hustle and uncertainty can be exhausting. We say, let's do it together.

Join us and be part of a global community of women entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

We Are Connected Women

We are a community of women entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.
Powering success, happiness, and work-life balance.


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We put the spotlight on our experts, sharing their expertise and helping them get seen, found, and talked about.

We understand how stressful and busy life can get. Finding images, editing, and uploading content takes time and effort. We can help you save that precious time.



We foster intelligent conversation among like-minded individuals, for collaboration, and network-building.

Join our global slack community for women entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote teams. Share ideas, ask for advice, and discuss topics that matter to you.



We curate freelance and remote work opportunities. As well as the latest tips, tools, and hacks for remote teams.

Need a freelance service provider, co-founder or new team member? Publish jobs, collaboration requests and project opportunities.



We inspire our community to focus on achieving the success, happiness, and balance they want in life.

Join to find and share events, workshops, webinars, and online programmes. Learn the skills you need to you survive and thrive in your business or career.


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