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Valerie Marin

Valerie has always been a firm believer of alternative medicine, the body's capacity to auto-regulate itself and the body/ mind/ spirit connection. Her beliefs manifested in her own personal experiences and soon lead her to a complete career change to create Distribution Asiatique Pte Ltd in 2009 and Live-your-Vitality, a lifestyle platform, devoted to providing products (www.your-vitality-store.com), services and educational tools for holistic health prevention and to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.


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4 Tips To Regain Serenity And Avoid Anxiety

People have different ways to cope with stress and anxiety, and in severe conditions some resort to the use of prescription drugs.

Detox 101 - Natural Detox: 7 Habits To Include In Your Life

As we go through our day to day lives, there comes a point when we feel the need to cleanse – to detoxify.

Detox 101: Mindful Detox Tips For Higher Vitality

Contrary to popular belief, detoxification is not about starvation.

Understanding Sleep: Get Your 7 Hours of Slumber

Once again, Singapore is in the top spot—for sleep deprivation.

Take The Heat Off Those Legs!

Summer is usually synonymous with lightness, relaxation and good mood, but it unfortunately means fatigue and heavy legs for many women.



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