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Swati Joshi

Swati is the founder and CEO of Influenshine, a digital marketing company which helps businesses survive and thrive in a digital world. She has complemented her technical and business background with digital marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship skills from Stanford University, IDEO and General Assembly.

Swati blogs regularly and also contributes to The HuffingtonPost. As a technology and business enthusiast, she is associated with many startups in the thriving entrepreneurial scene of Singapore, and she provides guidance, especially on digital marketing, to several ventures.


After watching fellow entrepreneurs struggle to navigate digital marketing terrain, I realised I could use my knwoledge and experience to help guide businesses in skyrocketing their presence on the internet through savvy digital marketing.

I am the Founder of Influenshine, and my team helps businesses in the B2C sector figure out why their business isn't gaining traction and seeing results.

I also love storytelling in personal conversations and business lessons.

I can help you boost your online presence through effective digital marketing.

Attracting people on the internet can be tough, there are millions of businesses online who all want to pull in potential clients. Now you're left wondering why your online business doesn't generate traffic and leads for you, or why nobody can find you on the internet. Maybe you're not even sure how to create content that will entice the audience you're aiming to reach?

We're here to help you establish your digital footprint.



  • Generate more traffic, and in turn, gain more leads
  • Find the right potentials clients
  • Host content that entices your ideal client
  • Be more easily discovered online


  • Free SEO analysis to help you evaluate your “discoverability” on the internet
  • Free consultation to help you formulate a winning digital strategy
  • Through our services to grow your business.


  • Website and app design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising

Years of experience from working in various prestigious institutions means I have experience and expansive knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship, Google Analytics, digital marketings, design thinking and more.

But don't worry, though digital marketing can have serious benefits for your business, I pride myself in being friendly and very approachable.

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