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Susanna Hasenoehrl

What’s for dinner? Susanna Hasenoehrl helps families cook healthy. With the mission to uplift families’ wellbeing and prevent childhood obesity, she brings together food bloggers, professional nutritionists and technology to give personalised recipe recommendations for all families. Parents in need of fresh inspiration turn to Susanna and her innovative online services – currently for select beta users. For your own dose of healthy family recipes, contact Susanna here

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We know nutritious family meals are important to you, but finding simple recipes everyone will love is tricky. Yourfamily.Kitchen’s community of like-minded parents, professional nutritionists and chefs are here to help you. All our recipes are healthful and balanced, and we’ve tested them on our own families so we know you’ll love them.

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We passionately believe children should get involved in cooking, to develop healthy eating habits and essential life skills. That’s why our recipes are peppered with tips on how to get kids helping in the kitchen. They’ll love the tasks we set and they’ll learn about food and where it comes from.

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Contact Person/s: Susanna Hasenoehrl 


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This mulled apple juice bursts with additional vitamin-C from oranges and lemons. Served with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves, it has an

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For a healthy afternoon snack, we recommend mango salsa with crudités, with kid-friendly chopping.  

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Chicken ‘N’ Egg With Wholesome Brown Rice Recipe

For a comfortable yet nourishing meal at home, you can’t go wrong with this Chicken ‘n’ Egg Rice, prepared with wholesome brown rice.

Healthy Family Meals: Sweet Potato Chicken Coconut Curry Recipe

This is a fantastic recipe to get your family to enjoy this very versatile curry. Loaded with flavours from spices and herbs, and textures from



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