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Steph Chu

Steph Chu is the Founder and Principal Coach of Empower Pte Ltd. She specialises in coaching women executives wanting to accelerate their career growth, without compromising their lifestyles. After 16 years in Accenture, as a highly sought after ‘fire-fighter’, resuscitating failing projects, Steph is now a mentor and coach helping women executives achieve the same.

Steph is also the author of “Effective Leadership for Women: Building High Performance Teams”.


Steph Chu is a Leadership Coach who specialises in working with senior women professionals who want to build High Performance Teams.


Steph has spent 16 years in Accenture, gaining a reputation as a fire-fighter who saves projects that are falling behind. She does this by building and leveraging the peak performance of her teams. Steph is also the author of, soon to be published, “Building High Performance Teams for Women Leaders - How to build teams that consistently over deliver"



Why Coaching?


Coaching has been shown to be very beneficial as it helps individuals find clarity and purpose in their lives and jobs. Organisations that appoint coaches for their top employees are in the fore-front as they recognise the effectiveness of coachng in bringing out the best in their employees and improving their productivity.

Coaching, unlike counselling, is about looking forward.

Steph will work with you to achieve your goals and dreams instead of delving into the problems of the past. Steph believes that each woman has the necessary tools to achieve success and abundance in this lifetime.


Do I need a coach?


A coach will not tell you what to do. Instead, Steph will work with you to create your personal success holistically, through an intensive approach focusing on various dimensions of your life goals – career, relationships, family, health etc, depending on your concerns.


She will help you to analyse their thoughts, beliefs, values etc, and to help you discover more accurately what you want and how you can go about getting it. Through this analytical discovery process, you will also uncover the self-limiting beliefs, habits and perspectives you might have acquired subconsciously over the years.



Steph offers three types of coaching:


1) Executive Coaching - for women leaders who want to be more effective at their jobs and want to fully harness the productivity of their teams


2) Life Coaching - for women who would like to improve themselves on a more wholistic level


3) Team Coaching - for corporations, working with their members in groups to empower each one for transformational breakthroughs. 




14 Robinson Road 
#13-00 Singapore 048545


Contact Number:
+65 8167-1820


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