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Sonam Mehra

The founder of Small Spoon Pte. Ltd. and the 7 Daily Moves app is Sonam Mehra. Sonam Mehra is a fitness entrepreneur based in Singapore. She founded Fitness 365 in 2005 and Small Spoon Pte. Ltd. in 2015. Both offer personalised plans that help people stay young and healthy by making fitness a way of life. Sonam is a globally traveled health coach who guides and motivates her clients to live a healthy life by making exercise and healthy eating a priority. She gave up a long advertising career to switch to her passion and has since transformed the lives of over 500 global clients.

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We are Richa and Sonam, a passionate duo trying to transform people’s lives through customized, holistic health and fitness programs.

While getting fit can be serious business, it doesn’t have to feel that way. We believe you’re more likely to reach your goals and sustain the change if you’re encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.

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Realizing that human science and technology have advanced to a point where experienced practitioners can bring amazing and customized experiences to fitness and health, in early 2013 we embarked on a journey to develop Body Transformation programs that would combine all elements of fitness – diet, exercise, sleep, hydration and a host of other factors – to radically change the way our clients get, feel and stay fit.

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These factors are tied together through a unique FQ Score that allows you to assess your fitness on a holistic basis rather than through isolated factors such as weight, endurance or strength. We believe the FQ Score provides the best all-round assessment of your fitness and use it as a diagnostic tool to offer targeted recommendations, the foundation of our Body Transformation programs.

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