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Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor is the CEO of STTS, communication and leadership specialists. STTS provides services to clients throughout Southeast Asia and beyond, including public workshops, customised in-house training, interactive virtual training, online seminars, keynotes, and conferences.

Founder Shirley is a popular keynote speaker, business trainer and author of several international bestselling books, including Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents seventh edition. Shirley recently launched her wonderfully interactive, state-of-the art virtual training program ‘Business Writing that Works’.

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At STTS Training, we are committed to building the competence of individuals and teams to drive performance and results. Our professional, experienced trainers and speakers will engage your teams, and provide them with practical tools and powerful action steps to motivate and inspire them to reach their potential.


At STTS, we focus on 5 key areas:


  •  Popular public workshops with professional trainers
  • In-house training customised for you
  • Motivating, inspiring and engaging training
  • Hands-on, practical, fun sessions
  • Useful materials and added-value items to help learning and retention

  • 1.jpg‘Business Writing That Works’ from Shirley Taylor
  • Develop your team without leaving the office
  • Embed good writing skills throughout your organisation
  • Innovative and highly interactive learning experiences
  • State-of-the-art, user-friendly platform



  • Inspirational professional speakers for your next event
  • High energy, high content keynotes
  • Customised to meet your event theme
  • Guaranteed to educate, motivate and inspire
  • Transform audiences to achieve greater success



  • Bite-sized learning experiences while sitting at your desk
  • Engaging sessions using Zoom technology
  • Live, interactive learning
  • Practical sessions with live role-plays and discussions
  • Key learning summaries for all participants



  • 10 years running – The Asian Summit for Secretaries and Admin Professionals
  • Inspiring learning and sharing from industry experts
  • Great networking opportunities
  • New conference in 2016: The Heart-based Workplace
  • Key practical skills needed by everyone in today’s offices



“I set high standards for myself, so it’s important that I have high standards for the trainers and speakers I work with. We are constantly improving the quality of our business training and workshop materials so that we provide a significant learning experience for all.”

 - Shirley Taylor


Strengthen relationships, increase productivity,

and boost your brand by communicating with HEART


Our world has changed, and so has the language of business. In our fast-paced, high-tech, communication-crazy world, it’s essential that you come across as a human being instead of a computer that churns out stiff, wooden messages. In Business Writing that Works, you will learn, step-by-step, how to craft clear, concise messages that get great results. We will focus on what I call communicating with heart.





54 Duchess Ave, 01-04 Duchess Crest, Singapore 269198 


Contact Number:(65) 9067 3932, (65) 9067 3938






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The Athena Network Singapore - Executive Member
Asia Professional Speakers Singapore President 2011-12
Global Speakers Federation Vice President 2015-16


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