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Sharon Hardcastle

Sharon Hardcastle is the co-founder and managing director of 1450cubed, a company that takes on brand design and marketing strategy with a difference! 1450cubed specialises in the following areas: brand design and development, creative marketing strategies, CRM, customer loyalty and reward, and new product development. Whether you're just starting out or established, 1450cubed will work with you to nurture and grow your brand and your business. Connect with them through the social media profiles below!

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Stimulate your grey matter and get your creative juices flowing.

1450cubed is a brand and marketing agency with a difference – on the right, award winning creativity and on the left strategic business implementation.

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I’m Sharon Hardcastle and I’m a left-brain. I’m a marketing and communications expert and my passion is to drive strong and intelligent communication to build engagement and long-term relationships. I love to work with right-brain clients and partners to deliver their creative requirements and see things come to life.  Left-brain and right-brain working together are the perfect combination and make use of the full brain!


My logical, analytical and objective approach combined with my strong verbal communication and reasoning helps my clients to achieve their business and personal goals.  I work with corporate organisations and SMEs, to facilitate the ability to challenge, think creatively and adapt to change.



I’m a born organiser and enthusiastic explorer with a passion for anything involving business success, travel, socialising and champagne.


With over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector and also across established businesses and new start-up companies, I have developed business expertise across many sectors and business functions. I have a broad range of business skills and I’m passionate about building the right business strategy for innovation and growth.


My skills span: consumer research and insight; consumer loyalty; business and strategic planning; budget planning; strategic and creative design and development; product, proposition and process engineering; multi-channel marketing; customer/client relationship management; third party relationship management; project management; operational management; recruitment; facilitation; and training.

Contact Person/s: Sharon Hardcastle

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