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Sabine Seilliere

Passionate about health and sustainable living, Sabine hung up her coat as a successful corporate executive for fresh food and humanitarian work. After living in 5 different countries working across marketing, communications and IT, Sabine was struck by the variety of succulent fruits and vegetables in Singapore’s wet markets. The rest is history! She founded Sabine’s Baskets and she made it her mission deliver the freshest wet market produce to families all over Singapore. Aside from sourcing fresh veg and friendly drivers, Sabine runs a not for profit dedicated to building schools and subsidising bicycles for women and children in Burkina Faso, Africa. Browse Sabine’s Baskets and connect with Sabine to talk food, business or social entrepreneurship!

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Sabine’s Baskets is a home-delivery service of fresh fruits and veggies from Tiong Bahru wet market. Every morning, we will do the groceries for you and it gets delivered within a couple of hours to your home. This way, when you get home from your busy day, you know your fridge will be full of healthy produce and vitamins. One thing less to worry about for you, and more time to spend on what makes you happy.

By buying our produce from the local wet market, Sabine’s Baskets supports the local community. You will receive groceries that are of great quality & good value! At Sabine's Baskets, we try to go green by using less plastic bags, we hope you do too.

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We offer two sizes for fruit or vegetable baskets. You can order lots, or just a bit, depending on your need. Skim through our selection to see what suits you best.

As you will see, there is 6 to 8 different kinds of produce in each basket, and each basket weighs 5 to 7 kilos. Each week, the content somewhat changes, but the value inside the basket remains constant.

You choose the day and the 2 hour window frame you want us to deliver your basket(s).

We have been operating for a year now; our clients trust us because we take pride in what we do.


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Sabine's Basket Easy Juicing Recipes Ebook Download



Business Hours: no operating hours

Contact Person/s: Sabine Seilliere


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