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Regina Soh

Regina is the Founder of Invipulse which specializes in Employee Engagement. She helps companies achieve better business results/performance by engaging their employees, whom are the key engines of every business. She deeply believes that it is possible to achieve business growth, concurrently with employees' development. Her ultimate aim? To eliminate barriers of all form between leaders and employees, and to help organizations achieve an innovative, vibrant work environment which is vital in staying competitive. Her greatest joy? When someone comes up to her and tell her "I'm much happier at work!"


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InviPulse is a cloud-based software that boosts employee engagement and minimize turnover by helping leaders uncover problems, discover what works and align all levels of the organization to achieve the greater goal of the company.

We provide a platform for employees to voice out their thoughts/suggestions, and a channel for leaders to be informed about the happenings in their workplace in a timely manner so that appropriate actions can be taken to improve employee engagement and happiness. In order to minimize work wastage, we also focus on a systematic way to ensure every individual's effort is directed towards the achievement of the company's objectives.

InviPulse takes away the guessing game as the communication loop is ongoing and happens every week. It will give leaders the latest insights of their company dynamics, which is reflective of the current situation without having to rely on end of year surveys to get an answer.

Through effective communication loop that happens weekly, we want to eliminate barriers of all form between employees and leaders such that the working environment genuinely promotes meaningful work, learning and growth, balanced with flexibility and accountability.

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