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Priya Naik

Interior Design Journey is dedicated to style, elegance and most importantly well-being. Our goal is to create elegant atmospheric spaces that are stylish, practical and restful. We want to create spaces that are unique, loved by you and your nearest and dearest. Spaces where you can feel at ease, create beautiful memories and cherish those special moments.

Originally from the UK, I moved to Singapore in 2008 to experience a new way of life. My journey started in Singapore by working for various interior design companies developing a wide portfolio of projects from hotels and restaurants to offices and homes. To me interior design is not something you just map on a mood board, it’s a reflection of who you are and about achieving a sense of fulfillment. It’s extremely important to make your space is a mirror image of your unique personality and character.

I love creating atmospheric spaces that promote well-being, keep you calm and at ease, and ultimately enable you to better achieve your daily tasks and goals in a smoother, faster, calmer manner.


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A Peek Into The Contemporary Asian Home Of Interior Designer Priya Naik

A recent tour was taken through a glamourous, contemporary Asian condo of none other than Priya Naik, interior designer and decorator, and owner of

Create A Stylish Space With The Perfect Balance Of Warm And Cool Colours

I believe in the power of colour to completely revitalise and improve a space. In each space I design, I strive for the perfect balance of warm and



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